Safety First: Check Weight Before Towing

It is a beautiful weekend and you are ready to take your shiny new boat out on the lake and have some fun fishing and relaxing, but you have never towed a boat before. Relax and follow some of the simple tips on how to tow safely below and let your weekend fun begin:


  • Do- Make sure you check your vehicle owner’s manual for the towing capacity of your vehicle. Check to make sure the weight of your boat and trailer are within the towing capacity limits of your vehicle.
  • Don’t- Tow more weight than your vehicle can handle. It may seem tempting to add a few extra pounds to your load, what harm could it do? If you decide to tow more weight than your vehicle can handle you put yourself and others in danger. If you try to stop the extra weight will be too much for your vehicles brakes to handle and you risk causing an accident. If you are towing too much weight when you try to launch your boat the extra weight may pull your vehicle down the boat ramp and into the water causing extensive damage to your vehicle.

Still unsure about weight distribution of your vehicle, come visit our service center here at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Odessa and speak with one of our experts. Conveniently located in Odessa, TX we are there to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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