Catalytic Converter Leaks can be Costly

Your exhaust system constantly channels hot gases away from your motor. On their way out of your tailpipe, these gases pass through a part called the catalytic converter. This component is responsible for reacting with and neutralizing hazardous substances in the exhaust stream.

The catalytic converter is also responsible for maintaining an airtight exhaust system seal. If and when leaks appear, unprocessed exhaust gases can vent through holes, causing vehicular and environmental damages in the process.

You can prevent this eventuality by keeping a close eye and ear on your exhaust system parts. Failing components often exhibit warning signs that include strange sounds and smells, but just as often they may exhibit few noticeable signs.

Luckily, the certified exhaust system technicians at our Odessa location can use our state of the art diagnostic equipment to find internal leaks. For more information, swing by our service center at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Odessa today for a no-obligation visit.

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