Take a Look at Your Tire Treads

Tire tread maintenance is not a complicated issue. Drivers simply need to pay close attention to the wear and tear. Each wheel will begin to look worn in spots. Cracks and bulges are definitely a sign that your vehicle is in need of care. If foreign objects are embedded anywhere in the tire, then it should be replaced immediately, even if the car is still operational.

The old penny test is still trusted as well. Place a penny in the tread head first. If the President's head starts to show, then it is time for new tires. A more thorough test was done in 2013 which gave more definitive results. It showed that a vehicle with 2/32 tread takes ten car lengths longer to stop than a car with 10/32 tire tread. A technician at our Odessa service center is prepared to help you with your specific vehicle maintenance needs. Make an appointment to visit our facility today.

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